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BoxBoy! + BoxGirl! was just released a little over a week ago, and so far I’m enjoying it. I’ve never played BoxBoy! or any of the other games in the series (BoxBoxBoy! and Bye-Bye BoxBoy!), but I kept hearing good things about its puzzley nature so I figured I’d give it a try.

The demo was cute, and pretty easy. And for the record, I’ve spent way too much time trying to decipher if “BoxGirl” is also one word like BoxBoy, and the result is seeing even “Box Boy” as a separated word with the new game. Both of them certainly look like they’re separated in the title, don’t they? I NEED CONSISTENCY, PEOPLE. So I’m calling it: I’m sticking with both of them together. He’s always been BoxBoy!, and if HE gets to be one word, SHE gets to be one word. And everyone gets exclamations! I get an exclamation! YOU get an exclamation! The cat gets an exclamation (and a box)!

Hmm. I got off track. Apparently in this game, they also have box kids. Sorry, I meant BoxKids!

You can play as either BoxBoy! or BoxGirl! in solo mode, and switch back and forth whenever you want, or you can play two-player. I read that you can play two-person adventure by yourself and control both boxes, switching between them as needed, but I haven’t tried it because that seems way too complicated for me. Maybe it will become handy in later levels.

So far, my favorite things about this game are the dorky things, of course. You can buy accessories! Like a little stripy hat!

You can go into your little house where you buy accessories and try them on, and just look at my BoxBoy! in his stripy hat and sunglasses! BoxGirl! doesn’t seem too impressed but I like it.

You can also use your medals to buy things like comics to read. I haven’t tried the balloon game yet, or bought music, but I bought myself a comic, and an invincibility potion for later when there will be enemies shooting at me. So far I’ve only had switches to push, spikes to fall on, and electrical squares that can kill me—but from the game trailers I know enemies are coming.

Another thing I like that’s goofy is that at the end of every level, BoxBoy! does a different “yeah I’m awesome” move. Sometimes it’s a pose, and sometimes it’s a little dance, but it’s always adorable. I also love that as his coins are bestowed upon him from the sky, he seems slightly injured… because ouch! coins are falling into his boxy head from the sky!

And don’t tell me it’s not hilarious how he looks like he’s pooping when you squat down to create boxes. COME ON.

In the second video clip, you can probably tell that I’m playing that level for the second time—I already had the first two medals and I only earned the third on that round. That’s because you earn medals by using fewer boxes to complete each level. I discovered that it’s pretty easy to accidentally waste boxes by underestimating how far your little guy can throw and just tossing them right down a pit. Wheeeee! He’s stronger than you’d expect a box with no arms to be, I suppose.

Overall, it’s a pleasant, non-stressful game. It’s not an adventure game. The music is light and boppy, and the graphics are simple. The puzzles gradually get more challenging, and as I mentioned above, from the trailers I know that there will be more obstacles introduced as well. The levels so far are short, so it’s a nice game to pop into when I don’t have a lot of time but I want to get my mind of things for a few minutes. I’m looking forward to seeing what innovations are ahead, challenge-wise.

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