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Before I delve into the complicated history of Birdo, I wanted to share some fun pictures. But first! Quick tidbit: “prefers to be called ‘Birdetta'” was dropped from later versions of the SMB 2 manual and never mentioned again, so to keep things simple I’m also just going to use “Birdo” going forward. Just know that I know and you know that it was there.

I often forget you can take screenshots on the Switch—a real tragedy, because it’s an awesome feature. While playing Super Mario Odyssey (an amazing game, by the way), I had a lot of fun taking what were basically selfies. Did anyone else do this?

Sometimes I took a picture because I really liked whatever outfit I’d picked.

Other times it was because the background was just gorgeous.

This is both gorgeous and a challenging spot
Mario can breathe on the moon

Then there were the times when I’d gotten to a spot that was hard to get to, and I was proud of myself…

Bowser… I got your nose!
…I guess I like nose photos?

And of course, some were just funny.

Look at the eyes on Cappy
When he falls asleep, he mumbles the names of Italian foods
Possibly my tallest Goomba stack

It was weirdly difficult to get that bunny selfie, let me tell you. Getting the bunnies to look at the camera and not hop in front of Mario was just a pain! I may have yelled at some video game bunnies and I may have felt bad about it afterward.

Do you use the screencap function on the Switch? What are some of your favorite shots?

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