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Friends, I asked you who your favorite female character is in the Super Mario Universe, and I think it’s time to see who’s in the lead! The poll is still open if you want to cast your vote. I’ve been told the survey site I used doesn’t load for a few users, so feel free to vote in the comments here, on FB, or on Instagram; for my next poll, I’ll be looking for a new host.

For a while, Toadette was in the lead, but then Birdo/Birdetta zoomed ahead! For write-ins on FB and IG, I had 3 more votes for Birdo/Birdetta and 3 for Princess Daisy, which ties Daisy with Peach and puts them both in 2nd, and Birdo/Birdetta still wins by a landslide!

Only two write-in votes, one of which was from someone who apparently dislikes all the ladies in the SMB franchise. That seems harsh, but maybe this voter just didn’t like the options given and couldn’t think of a good one to write in? Let’s hope so. Honey Queen/Queen Bee was a fun one to see! Not a major character, but a cute one!

Why do you think Birdo/Birdetta won? Is it her long history with the franchise? Is it because she went from the bad guys to the good guys? Maybe it’s her interesting backstory? I fully intend to dive into that, perhaps next post! Many casual Mario fans don’t realize she’s almost definitely the first transgender video game character out there.

Between Nintendo’s habit of retconning their own history and all the confusion that comes when something is translated into a billion (give or take) different languages, not to mention the fact that she’s still called “Birdo” even though she prefers “Birdetta” (and actually, her real name is Catherine and she’d like to be called “Cathy,” thank you very much), this character’s story can be mind-boggling, and I can’t wait to share more of it with everyone! (can I get an award for that run-on sentence? I’m not sure if I’m impressed or horrified by it…)

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