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I have every Yoshi game that exists, and one day I decided to take a picture of that, because, well… I have a very rich and fulfilling life, you know?

Yoshi: NES (with box)
Yossy (Japanese import of Yoshi): Famicom (with box)
Yoshi’s Woolly World: WiiU (with box)
Super Mario All-Stars, which includes Super Mario World: SNES
Super Mario World, Return to Dinosaur Land (fan mod): SNES
Yoshi’s Cookie (Japanese import): Gameboy (with box)
Yoshi’s Cookie (Japanese import): Famicom
Yoshi’s Cookie: Gameboy
Yoshi: Gameboy
Super Mario World: Gameboy Advance
Yoshi’s Story (Japanese import): N64
Yoshi’s Story: N64
Yoshi Topsy-Turvy: Gameboy Advance
Yoshi’s Island (Japanese Import): Super Famicom
Yoshi’s Island: SNES
Yoshi’s Island: Gameboy Advance
Yoshi’s Island: Nintendo DS
Yoshi’s New Island: Nintendo 3DS
Yoshi’s Safari: SNES
Not pictured:
Yoshi Touch & Go: Nintendo DS (not sure where it was for this photo)
Yoshi & Poochy’s Woolly World: Nintendo 3DS
Yoshi’s Crafted World: Nintendo Switch (it wasn’t out yet, but I have it now!)

I’ll do more posts on Yoshi’s Crafted World later, because I’ve been playing it every day since it came out and I absolutely love it – no surprise there, of course. I’ve been pretty excited to branch out and start collecting both the Japanese imports of the games, and the actual consoles to play them on.

I personally think Yoshi’s Island is one of the best platformers all around. It’s the only game I’ve ever bought the player’s guide for, just because I love the artwork so much.

What’s your favorite Yoshi game?

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2 thoughts on “Yoshi Games

    1. I get the Japanese imports on ebay. The others I either got when they came out, or I find at used game stores. I found the fan mod at the Retro Game Expo in Portland one year!

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